Cyril Ramaphosa’s vosho dance has SA howling [video]

Cyril Ramaphosa quite literally “got down with the kids” on Sunday, performing a lively vosho on stage in Polokwane, Limpopo. Youth Day 2019 is lit!

Cyril Ramaphosa may not be everyone’s favourite leader, but he has certainly taken the captain’s armband for the celebrations of Youth Day 2019. The president took to the stage in Limpopo for a keynote speech, but he didn’t let official business get in the way of having a little shuffle.

Ramaphosa was on stage with Holly Rey and the National Youth Development Agency, a group who are creating and promoting greater coordination for youngsters looking to set themselves up with a career. Cyril was also ably backed by David Mabuza, who we assume is legally obliged to vosho whenever his boss has to.

Watch Cyril Ramaphosa vosho here:

The second angle is even better, mind…

Cyril Come Dancing: The verdicts are in…

As you’d expect, the dance moves have caused quite a stir on social media. Some South Africans feeling the spirit of the day were pleasantly surprised with Cyril’s slick moves:

Youth Day issues addressed

Cyril Ramaphosa didn’t just show up to Polokwane Cricket Club to breakout the rascal moves, though. He was there to make some very salient points about Youth Day, commemorating the Soweto Uprising that changed the course of South African history. Despite those heroics, the youngsters of this country still face an uncertain future 43 years later.

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Our youth unemployment is the worst in the world, and Ramaphosa vowed to tackle this issue as a priority during his new presidential term. He confirmed that technical and digital job opportunities will be created by his government, in order to optimise the country during the fourth industrial revolution:

“As a government, we are on a path to renew and grow our economy and to create decent jobs. We are prioritizing Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics in our education. Coding and data analytics are being introduced as school subjects.”

“Youth unemployment is indeed a national crisis and we call on all stakeholders to address this issue. We need commitment, determination and the will to open opportunities for young people in all parts of society”