Spotlight on Arina Bosch

Arina was born in Namibia which was where she spent half of her primary school years. She moved to Pretoria in South Africa at the age of 11 years old where she completed the rest of her schooling years. She relocated to Welkom in 1992 and has been a familiar face in the Goldfields ever since then.

Arina has always had a love for music and singing as she comes from a family with a strong music background. It was back in High School where she starting singing in the choir and taking singing lessons with a well known vocal coach at the time called Giesela De Villiers. She matriculated at ‘Afrikaans Hoer MeisieSkool’ as their Head Girl.

Arina followed her passion for singing and toured the country with famous artists like Bobby Angel, Gene Rockwell, Billy Forrest, Sally Vaughn and many others. She performed often under her stage name at the time known as ‘Zenda Hadley’. She was also the artist who travelled with Hansie Roodt and the South African Police Band. During this time, she performed for various television recordings working with artists like Francois Hayes.

Arina moved to Welkom to start a family and left the music scene for many years. She once again rekindled her passion once her daughter also started showing an interest in music and singing. Since moving to Welkom, Arina has performed on television on various occasions across various TV channels on DSTV. She also participated in the ATKV and achieved an A+.

These days, Arina still performs in and out of Welkom but shares her passion with others by helping other beginners to also live their passion bringing her whole singing experience full circle. Her favourite venue to perform in Welkom is in the Ernest Oppenheimer Theatre where she still often performs for the audience of the Goldfields.

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Today, Arina’s golden voice can be heard throughout the entire Northern Free State as she presents a very popular radio show on Goldfm called ‘Oggendtee’ which takes place every Monday to Friday at 9 in the morning.

Arina as an artist was always inspired by her personal friend, Sonja Herholdt.

Arina’s advice she always gives to upcoming singers is to always be yourself as everybody else is taken.