Early hours Monday morning in Welkom I was a passenger on The Intercape bus traveling from Durban to Upington. I was excited as this was my last bus trip to see my loved ones before I move closer in 2 weeks time. I was ready to enjoy my last bus trip. I’d fallen asleep on the bus assuming I’d wake up safely in Bloemfontein at 6am.


Thieves had stolen a couple million Rands worth of Copper cables earlier that morning causing street lights to black out down Alma street, Welkom.

We can assume our bus driver was unable to see the circle ahead due to black out street lights… Also this was not the standard Intercape bus route.

Our Driver, Trying to avoid a crash as best he could, turned the bus in an effort to avoid the circle but ended up turning the bus onto its side.

I don’t blame the driver… I would have done the exact same thing. Accidents happen!! But he took responsibility for the lives lost and hung himself from a tree not far from our bus right after impact. It wasn’t his fault. I regret that he took his life.

I was lucky enough to walk away with a few scrapes but others were not so lucky.

God was with me in that bus. I woke up from the screams of other passengers right before the bus started to turn onto its side. I grabbed onto the seat in front of me and hung on for dear life.
With the bus on its side and people trapped underneath it we tried to exit the bus while avoiding stepping on those trapped underneath us. Beneath me was a woman with her head wedged underneath a seat and blood oozing from her mouth. I froze in shock….. If it wasn’t for another passenger giving us directions of what to do and where to exit and to remain calm I would have stayed on that bus staring at this woman dying Infront of me… He assisted us off the bus before he helped himself. I am greatful he was there.

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Those who were able to walk exited through the roof of the bus.

My first reaction was to feel if I still had all of my limbs.. Seeing those mangled remains around me made me think I must have been injured or bleeding somewhere… Thank God I am okay. I didn’t believe it.

I didn’t even know which town we were in or what had happened all I could see were bodies underneath the bus and I could hear the screams from a mother discovering her dead infant.

After phoning Heiko to find a number to phone for help I went back to the bus to see if I could help… I got to the roof of the bus and froze. Legs of a dead small child lying out from underneath the bus, blood trailing down the tar road, remains of a mangled dead baby outside the bus… No sign of life. No sign of hope…. I couldn’t stomach it..I struggled to breath and decided to walk as far away from there as I could. I will never forget what I saw. I will never forgive myself for not helping more….

Someone said to me “Maybe God decided it was their time to go and it’s just unfortunate that you were there to witness it”

I have so much anger in my heart… Why would God take babies and children in such a horrific way.. But I can’t question God. I know that if it is his will for so many people to die then who am I to dispute his decision. I just have so much anger at all of this.

I thank God and the people who helped us through that morning.

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Thank you to the Members of Intercape for your assistance through this.

To EAGLE TOWING a special thank you for going out of your way to keep me warm and ensure I arrived safely at the hospital. 
Thank you to the police and paramedics who did their best to help save those they could. I am astonished that these men and woman are able to do what they do in situations like this.

Thank you to St Helen hospital for providing us with refuge and medical care. Such caring and skilled staff. Small things like offering us food, coffee and blankets make the world of difference.

Thank you to everyone at Delta Express for your support and love.

Most importantly thank you to my friends and family for your prayers and support.
Heiko Gevers… You are my rock. Thank you for taking care of me… Thank you for answering your phone and talking me through what to do in my frantic state. Thank you!

So many people lost their lives… To the survivors may God guide you through the healing process… To those who lost a loved one you are in my prayers. I pray to God may their souls rest in peace with Him up in heaven.
Thanks to God for my life❤️. I am scared and traumatized but I am alive. Thank God I am alive.

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The Story of one Passenger on the doomed bus
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The Story of one Passenger on the doomed bus
Our Driver, Trying to avoid a crash as best he could, turned the bus in an effort to avoid the circle but ended up turning the bus onto its side.
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