The Welkom Community Police Forum appointed Control Room Operators and have launched a fully operational Control Room which will be integrated with the new Smart CTI APP to assist with panics.

This system can in the future assist with disaster management. The CPF are also partnering up with a soon to be launched Camera monitoring system and monitoring operators will be trained, the CPF Controlroom Operators will work closely with these teams.

Our already 7000 members on all the 58 WhatsApp groups will also be closely monitored by our controll room, should our members report crime in the area they stay, the Neighbourhood watch, Security forces and local authorities can be deployed immediately.

We however can only Maintain this with the assistance of our members and we would like to post our Banking details for any financial assistance:

For the Benefit of running costs:
WPF Admin Committee
FNB Welkom Branch 230635
Acc nr: 625 684 55200
You can use your address as ref.

For those who support the Welkom Community Police Forum thank you from the bottom of our heart your contributions are make a difference in community safety.

Your smartcti app is now availabe to be downloaded .

Follow the link for emergency services at your finger tips. The CPF control room will be fully operational tomorrow 20/03/2019 @6am. Please pass on to as many people so we can fight crime together

Zack Rossouw – CPF Chairperson

Circle City Correspondent FJ

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